About Us

Super Factory, International Quality

The white floor & the largest monomer laser cutting equipment production workshop in the world (30,000 square meters); Production meets the European standards and international quality control, obtains certificates such as CE/FDA/ISO9001/SGS etc.

International Brand, European Quality, Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Listed company, serving the world (Offering more than 150 countries and regions)

  • Strong and Professional R&D Team

    R&D center owns 100 researchers, which is No.1 in laser cutting field. Ten millions funds are invested into R&D projects each year; New research achievements bring us more efficient cutting methods and more perfect cutting effect.

  • BODOR World Tour Exhibitions
    To be the forerunner of the world laser industry, to change human life with laser technology! BODOR laser will attend more than 60 international exhibitions each year to showcase the latest achievements in scientific research.
  • Won Red Dot and iF two major industrial design awards

    The new injection molding and anti-flaming Z-axis cover is 1/10 of weight of the original and satisfys the maximum acceleration while making it simpler. High-pressure cast aluminum cantilever supports for a stronger, long-lasting shape. The flowing ice blue light gives processing feedback directly. Brand new injection curved hocky-shaped decoration is a perfect combination between PMMA and metal plate. The whole product is more coordinated into a perfect artwork.

    Analysis of the reasons why it is awarded
    The bed of F series laser metal cutting machine has been ranking first in performance design, aesthetic design and many other aspects for the innovative achievements around the world, with the advantages of higher stability, velocity, durability, sustainability and the beauty which is always trendy.