EDM Drilling Machine

Price : INR. 3,90,000 (All Tax Inclusive)

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EDM Drill Machine use electrical discharges or sparks for obtaining desired shape. Reverse sparks are also possible with these high functionality machines. Offered in a varied series of specifications, these efficient and extremely durable electric discharge machining are consistent in operation and consume less electricity. Before the final dispatch, the entire range is checked for its flawlessness.

  • Two part design
  • Low working height
  • Ball screw for x y axis and l.M. Guideways for Z axis
  • Water tank with s.S. Steel body coolant pump
  • S.S. Accumulator for constant pressure
  • Variable pressure setting of coolant 0 to 100 kg/cm2
  • Safety pressure switch for over coolant pressure
  • 100% indigenous controller
  • 100% spares availability in local market
  • Dc stepper motor with belt drive
  • Special circuit for deep drilling
  • Safety interlock present
  • Current booster for high speed drilling operation drilling diameter from 0.3mm to 3mm.
  • The maximum depth ratio could be 300:1
  • Blind hole can also be makes. Precision (hole straightness) is less than 0.04 mm.
  • Can drill on oblique and curved surface directly
  • Fast processing speed and low consumption
  • Can use water as coolant, low cost and no pollution



X-Y mm300x400400x500500x630Electrode

Diameter mm0.3-3.00.3-3.00.3-3.0Spindle Stroke mm200400400Servo Stroke mm300300400Max Adjustable Speed of Spindle mm200200200Turn Head C axis Speed mm/min20-12020-12020-120

Additional Information:

  • Two part design
  • Low working height
  • Ball screw for x y axis and l.M. Guideways for Z axis